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Vacation is an E-mail autoresponder implemented as a Sieve extension action.


 vacation [:days <ndays: number>]
          [:subject <subject: string>]
          [:aliases <address-list: list>]
          [:addresses <noreply-address-list: list>]
          [:reply_regex <expr: string>]
          [:reply_prefix <prefix: string>]
          [:sender <addr: email>]
          <reply: string>

Vacation returns a message reply to the sender of the message being processed informing them that the recipient is currently not reading their mail. The message is sent to each sender once per reply interval specified by the ndays tagged parameter. The reply is formatted as a MIME message with reply_text as its body and subject as its Subject header. If :subject is not supplied, the Subject line is created by prefixing the subject of the original message with the reply prefix ("Re: ", by default). To avoid unnecessary duplication, this mechanism is suppressed if the original subject already begins with the reply prefix.

If the tagged parameter :file is given, reply is treated as the name of a file from where to read the reply message. In this case, the file reply must contain an entire reply message (including headers) in RFC822 format. This message will be sent verbatim, except that its From and Subject headers will be modified. The From header will be set to email of the recipient of the original message. The Subject header will be modified as requested by the :subject tagged argument.

The sender of the message is normally set to the recipient address of the original message. This behavior is changed by specifying the :sender argument. It is intended mainly for debugging.

Sample usage

  require "vacation";
  vacation :days 7 :reply_regex "^(re|aw|sv|ang|odp|rv)(\[[0-9]+\])?:[[:blank:]]" text:
  I am not able to attend your mail now, because I am on vacation until 2010-07-01.
  I will reply to you when I am back.

  Best regards,
  Ty Coon