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The mailutils send command reads an RFC-822 message from a file and sends it over to a specified SMTP server. Its invocation syntax is:

 mailutils send host file

where host defines the SMTP server through which to send the message, and file is the name of the input file containing the message. For example, to send a message from file input.msg using SMTP service at localhost, one would write:

 $ mailutils send localhost input.msg

The SMTP server to use can be specified as IP address, hostname, or a valid SMTP URL.

The following command line options can be supplied after the send keyword:

-F, --from=address
Supplies envelope sender address.
-T, --rcpt=address
Supplies envelope recipient address. It can be specified multiple times.
-t, --read-recipients
Instructs the program to read recipient emails from the message.

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