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Linecon is a Mailutils filter implementing a familiar UNIX line-continuation facility. It removes from the input stream any newline character immediately preceded by a backslash. This filter operates only in decode mode.

The creation sequence allows for the following option:

-i STR

This option enables the line number information facility. This facility emits current input line number (prefixed with STR) after each contiguous sequence of one or more removed newline characters. It is useful for implementing parsers which are normally supposed to identify eventual erroneous lines with their input line numbers. The following example creates a read-only instance of this filter with the line number information facility enabled:

  int rc;          /* Return code */
  mu_stream_t flt; /* Filter stream */
  mu_stream_t input; /* Input stream */
  char *argv[] = { "linecon", "-i", "#line ", NULL },
  initialize_input_stream (&stream);
  rc = mu_filter_create_args (&flt, input, argv[0], 3, argv, MU_FILTER_DECODE, MU_STREAM_READ);
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