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mailutils is a multi-purpose tool for various mail- and database-related tasks. It is also used as an auxiliary tool for compiling and linking programs with GNU Mailutils.

It was called mu in GNU Mailutils versions up to 2.99.99. Starting with version 2.99.99 it was reluctantly renamed to mailutils to avoid name clash with another tool bearing that name.


mailutils is a command line tool. Its invocation syntax is:

mailutils [options] command [args]

where options are options that affect the behavior of mailutils as a whole, command instructs it what it is to do and args are any arguments the command needs in order to be executed.

The commands are:

Decodes or encodes email message headers.
Tests Mailutils access control lists.
Shows compiler options needed to compile with Mailutils.
Invokes a DBM management tool.
Applies a chain of filters to the input.
Displays a terse help summary.
Invokes an IMAP4 client shell.
Displays information about Mailutils compile-time configuration.
Constructs a ld(1) command line for linking a program with Mailutils.
Logs information using Mailutils log facility.
Invokes a POP3 client shell.
Queries configuration values.
Sends a message using the given SMTP relay.
Runs an interactive SMTP shell.

Scans wickets for matching URLs

Obtaining help

The mailutils help command lists all available options and command names along with short descriptions of what each of them does. It is similar to the mailutils --help option.

A command name can be supplied as an argument to help, in which case it will display a help page for that particular command, e.g.:

 mailutils help ldflags

will output help for the ldflags command. It is synonymous to the --help option used with that particular command, e.g.: mailutils ldflags --help.