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3.2.8 The mime Statement


mime {
  # Define additional textual mime types.
  text-type PATTERN;
  # or
  text-type ( PATTERN-LIST );


The mime compound statement is used by utilities that process MIME messages, in particular mail, readmsg, and decodemail. As of mailutils version 3.14 it contains only one statement:

Configuration: text-type pattern
Configuration: text-type ( pattern-list )

Defines additional patterns for recognition of textual message parts. The pattern is a shell globbing pattern that will be compared against the ‘Content-Type’ header of a MIME message part in order to determine whether it can be treated as a text part. In second form, pattern-list is a comma-separated list of such patterns.

In both forms, the new patterns are appended to the built-in textual pattern list, which contains: