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3.13 lmtpd

The LMTP is a local mail transport protocol defined in RFC 2033. GNU Mailutils is shipped with lmtpd - a daemon for delivering messages using this protocol.

The daemon shares most of its codebase and configuration with mda and consequently provides the same features. See mda, for a detailed description of these.

The behavior of lmtpd is affected by the following configuration statements:

serverSee Server Settings
aclSee acl statement.
tcp-wrappersSee tcp-wrappers statement.
debugSee debug statement.
mailboxSee mailbox statement.
lockingSee locking statement.
pamSee pam statement.
sqlSee sql statement.
virtdomainSee virtdomain statement.
radiusSee radius statement.
ldapSee ldap statement.
authSee auth statement.
mailerSee mailer statement.