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The table below summarizes exit codes used by mailutils dbm:

CodeSymbolic nameMeaning
0EX_OKSuccessful termination
64EX_USAGECommand line usage error
65EX_DATAERRError in user-supplied data: the input file is badly formatted, or some of the data supplied in the command line are invalid (e.g. user name, uid or the like), etc.
66EX_NOINPUTCannot open input file
67EX_NOUSERNo such user or UID when trying to set output file ownership
69EX_UNAVAILABLEOperation cannot be performed due to some kind of problem (e.g. access to the file denied, etc.)
70EX_SOFTWAREInternal software error
74EX_IOERRInput/output error