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3.8.2 Configuration of readmsg.

Following configuration statements affect the behavior of readmsg:

Readmsg Conf: header bool

If bool is ‘true’, display entire headers.

Readmsg Conf: weedlist str

Set the weedlist. The str argument is a string, containing a list of header names, separated by whitespace, commands or colons. This corresponds to the --weedlist command line option (see –weedlist).

Readmsg Conf: no-header bool

If bool is ‘true’, exclude all headers.

Readmsg Conf: form-feeds bool

If bool is ‘true’, output formfeed character between messages.

Readmsg Conf: folder url

Set the URL of the mailbox folder to read.

Readmsg Conf: show-all-match bool

If bool is ‘true’, print all messages matching pattern, not only the first.

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