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Command Line Option Summary

Command Line Option Summary

This is a short summary of the command line options available to guimb.


Start with debugging evaluator and backtraces.

-e expr
--expression expr

Execute given Scheme expression.

-L dir
--load-path dir

Insert dir at the beginning of the %load-path list. The argument is either a single directory name, or a list of such names, delimited by ‘:’ characters.

-m path

Set path to the mailspool directory

-f progfile
--file progfile

Read Scheme program from progfile.

-g arg
--guile-command arg

Append arg to the command line passed to Scheme program.

-{ ... -}

Pass all command line options enclosed between -{ and -} to Scheme program.

--mailbox mbox

Set default mailbox name.

--user name

Act as local MDA for user name.


Display help message.


Display program version.